Monday, September 19, 2011

Keltson's Run

Saturday Keltson's family put together a 5K Run/Walk. It was a lot of fun! My mom and I decided to regeister together. I didn't train as hard as I should have, and I am definately feeling the results from it!
But we had a blast!

My mom and me before the run...

this is right after the run... :)

and this is Carli, my best friend.

I am so glad I decided to do this run!


My sister,Kali, is always somehow getting opportunities to dress up like some kind of disney character, and askes me to do her hair and makeup. So this weekend Kali and our other sister, Hannah, dressed up as princesses for a little girls birthday party. It was so much fun to do their hair and makeup!

Here are some pictures!!

This is Kali, dresses as Snow White. 

This is Hannah, dressed as Sleeping Beauty.

 They are so Beautiful!

Blankets & Hats

So I haven't posted in awhile! I have been super busy finishin up projects I've started and starting new ones. :)
Here is a blanket I crocheted.

Here is a hat I  made on our trip to California.

Here are some of the Owl Hats I made.

And more hats

So thats what I have been workin on lately.
I am starting my first quilt! It is almost done so I will post pictures as soon as it is.