Friday, April 29, 2011

What I've Been Workin On...

So I still dont have a new camera. Im workin on it though. I have been really craving some craft time.
All I have been able to do lately is crochet and I absolutely love it, but I want to start doing a bunch of other things I have been saving and stashing up to do!

Anyways here is one of the blankets I finished...and Ill have to get a picture of the other one I made.

Sorry about the lighting...(no camera,,,used phone camera) it was super late.
Its about 3'x 3' give or take...

Oh just found the pictures of the other blanket I made. But I dont have a full picture of it cuz I already gave it away. So here it is...

                                                            (this is one of my favorites)

Here are the other ones I made this past year..

these ones are bigger than the first one I showed.

Well I am a beginner in crocheting and only know a few stitches...and cant read crochet worth anything... so right now I am stuck doing stripes or granny squares..oh and flowers. :)

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